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Bonus Episodes

We were lucky enough to be given a state and times at this year's Florida Tow Show to record episodes with guests from all across the industry.  These episodes are conversations discussing organizing a tow show, the state of the industry, state and national associations, etc.  Check 'em out!



Jeff Poquette entered the towing and recovery industry like many of today’s drivers – jumped in a tow truck in 1989 and quickly became a heavy-duty driver. Within seven short years (1996), Jeff owned his first tow truck – a car carrier. He added a second truck in 1998 then sold the company in 2001. He then joined Southside Wrecker Service in Union City, Georgia, as a heavy-duty driver and instructor.

Brad McIntosh

Award winning disrupter of the roadside assistance industry with proprietary systems, partnerships and innovative ideas. Multi-facet experience within the towing industry including business startups and acquisitions. Financial education, technology background and industry experience.

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