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Running a towing business in today’s world is tough. We discuss all topics that relate to owning and operating a successful towing company. We welcome all show ideas and feedback, and we thank you for your support.

Meet The Hosts

Jeff Poquette

Jeff Poquette


Jeff Poquette entered the towing and recovery industry like many of today’s drivers – jumped in a tow truck in 1989 and quickly became a heavy-duty driver. Within seven short years (1996), Jeff owned his first tow truck – a car carrier. He added a second truck in 1998 then sold the company in 2001. He then joined Southside Wrecker Service in Union City, Georgia, as a heavy-duty driver and instructor.

Brad McIntosh

Brad McIntosh


Award winning disrupter of the roadside assistance industry with proprietary systems, partnerships, and innovative ideas. Multi-facet experience within the towing industry including business startups and acquisitions. Financial education, technology background, and industry experience.


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Our Approach

Towing company owners often can be found behind the wheel and on the road, thanks to a shortage of dispatchers and drivers. That’s why we felt the time is right for the Towing Business podcast, which you can download and listen to according to your schedule and at your convenience.

As towing company owners ourselves, we have experienced the daily demands of the towing and recovery industry, we understand the industry’s issues and we believe that through the Towing Business podcasts we can share ideas, hopefully provide some answers and bring a little levity to a day filled with constant go, go, go.

We hope you enjoy listening to the Towing Business podcasts as much as we enjoy recording them and making them available to you

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