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Jeff Poquette

Jeff Poquette


Jeff Poquette entered the towing and recovery industry like many of today’s drivers – jumped in a tow truck in 1989 and quickly became a heavy-duty driver. Within seven short years (1996), Jeff owned his first tow truck – a car carrier. He added a second truck in 1998 then sold the company in 2001. He then joined Southside Wrecker Service in Union City, Georgia, as a heavy-duty driver and instructor.

In 2008, Jeff and longtime friend Bart Lundy, purchased Southside Wrecker Service. By 2010, they had opened a second location in Newnan, Georgia, followed by opening a truck repair shop and environmental spill response company, AllSouth Environmental First Response.

Jeff staunchly believes in training. He has completed WreckMaster 6/7A, TRIP Level 1 & 2 Recovery classes, Flagger, HazWoper, SSTA Ultra Heavy, American Towing & Recovery Institute light and heavy classes, and Miller Industries three-day tanker recovery class. Jeff is a state certified heavy recovery instructor.

In 2018, Jeff began podcasting about his experiences in the towing and recovery industry. His initial podcasts helped create the basis for Tow Business Podcast.

Brad McIntosh

Brad McIntosh


Award winning disrupter of the roadside assistance industry with proprietary systems, partnerships and innovative ideas. Multi-facet experience within the towing industry including business startups and acquisitions. Financial education, technology background and industry experience.

President, Towing Management Group LLC : Towing Management Group owns and operates multiple towing companies and body shops in the Midwest.  In addition, they coordinate disaster relief towing projects all across the country.  TMG handles several mergers and acquisitions per year.  Has written several globally published articles on towing business management and lead numerous seminars and classes at tow shows and industry events.

VP/Advisor/Investor: Tow Choice is a mobile solution that provides stranded motorists and other customers a roadside assistance solution. What makes Tow Choice different is our instantaneous mobile bidding platform that puts the customer in control of their service parameters and allows for flexible price options by the provider- win/win. Tow Choice is poised to launch new markets this year and has plans for strategic industry and non-industry collaboration to change the service purchasing experience for both the customer and the provider.

President: Towing Solutions & Consulting LLC, which offers results-driven solutions to towing company’s problems. TSC offer seminars and one-on-one consulting.

Recipient: 2017 Tow Times Rising Star Award

Education: Graduated from Thomas More College in Crestview, Kentucky, majoring in Business Management and Finance.

Member: Association of Professional Towing Operators and Member, Towing and Recovery Association of Ohio