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The Tow Business Podcast debuted on February 3, 2019. Please join us each episode and let us help you improve your towing business.


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Season 6

Emergency Road Side Coalition of America

Our guests on this episode are from ERSCA – Emergency Road Side Coalition of America. Learn what their mission is and how you can get involved with their legislative efforts and training programs.

We try to answer questions from the internet and Social Media

This is the second half of answering questions sent to us and pulled from Social Media.

Answers to Listener and Social Media Questions

Some listeners sent in questions and we pulled a few from Social Media and we offer our thoughts, opinions, and answers.

CAB Reports, SAFER, and Your Insurance Rates

How do CAB Reports, your SAFER score, and other data affect your company’s insurance rates

Problems, Ideas & Discussions

Most of the problems in this industry need to be discussed in order to fix them. That’s what we do in this episode. We each took a few of our top subjects, complain about them, offer ideas on how to fix them, but most importantly want others to discuss these problems and offer their solutions too.

Pricing, Costs & Invoicing

Our first show of season 6 touches on many topics in our industry

What does the Towing Museum really do?

What does the International Towing & Recovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee really do for our industry? We spend a little over an hour speaking with those who know. It’s not just about history. The museum is instrumental in the success of Survivor Fund, The Wall of the Fallen, and The Hall of Fame. Find out how you can help contribute to all of these great causes.

Accounting Basics for your tow company

We speak with Lacey Harner of Lacey Harnar CPA about the proper structure and accounting basics every tow company owner needs to know.

Start the day right, maintain a positive attitude

The towing industry is tough. Each one of us can do at least one thing each day to make it easier. Challenge yourself and those around you to make the day the best it can be and increase your pay at the same time.

Behind the scenes at the M100 Unveiling

Join the Tow Business Podcast as we go behind the scenes at the M100 Unveiling.

Additional Revenue with Existing Equipment

Season 4 | Episode 11

Make More Money with What You’ve Got

It seems like the companies that are well diversified seem to handle downturns in the economy better. We offer some ideas on how to increase revenue with the equipment you may already have.

What is your disaster plan?

As a business owner, you always have that what if in the back of your head. Accidents, Tornadoes, Hurricanes. We’ve all thought about what we’d do in case of a disaster but who saw COVID 19 coming? Were you prepared? Probably not. We can we all do to be better prepared next time something comes out of left field?

SBA Relief for Towers Explained

Season 4 | Episode 9

Accurate SBA Program

Agero reached out and offered to have their Lead Counsel come on the show and help to explain the current SBA Programs and their requirements so towers could have a better understanding of them. The first half of the show is explaining the Paycheck Protection Program then we finish with an in-depth rundown of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan. If you own a small business and are not clear on the SBA relief programs or what it takes to apply and qualify you must listen to this show. We’ll continue to provide the best COVID advice and info we possibly can until we all make it through this.

Driver Health with Dr. Dixon

Season 4 | Episode 8

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle on the Road

Dr. Bethany Dixon, known as The Driver’s Doctor from https://drivershealthclinic.com/ joins us to discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Learn about some of the small changes we can make to get big results.

It's the Little Things

Season 4 | Episode 7

Start the day right, maintain a positive attitude

The towing industry is tough. Each one of us can do at least one thing each day to make it easier. Challenge yourself and those around you to make the day the best it can be and increase your pay at the same time.

Wichert Insurance Provides Some Helpful Advice

Wichert Insurance joins us again to discuss driver selection and other tips to help control our insurance rates. You can reach them at Wichert.com or 740-654-0532

Which Tools Should You Have?

There are certain tools and equipment that every tower and tow truck should have. We go over some old must-haves and some new must-gets. We also discuss who should pay for them and why.

Towing Technology with HONK

Season 4 | Episode 4

Towing Apps and Technology

Rochelle Thielen with HONK joins us to discuss the current state of towing apps as well as other technology we all depend on these days in the towing industry. Sorry, no rates are discussed but considering how quickly this space is changing all towers should listen to this whether you’re a driver or decision-maker.

We have a discussion of several positive and negative issues in the towing industry today.

With all of the negative issues we are bombarded with daily it’s nice to sometimes talk about the positive issues too. We spend over an hour talking about just that. Facebook, technology, motor clubs, it’s all in there.

Why are rates increasing?

Towing insurance rates have increased drastically over the past few years even putting some companies out of business. Today more than ever it is important to have the best agent, the best coverage, and the best partners when it comes to insuring your business. If they don’t know towing, find someone who does. Wichert Insurance knows towing.

Insurance Talk with Wichert Insurance

Season 3 | Episode 1

Why are rates increasing?

Towing insurance rates have increased drastically over the past few years even putting some companies out of business. Today more than ever it is important to have the best agent, the best coverage, and the best partners when it comes to insuring your business. If they don’t know towing, find someone who does. Wichert Insurance knows towing.

Season 2

Season 2 has started! This season discusses a wide range of topics including driver pay structures, alternative equipment, and buying/selling a towing company! Be sure to subscribe and stay up to date on all episodes!

We shine a spotlight on a true success story with Sam Johnson of Capital City Towing

Sam Johnson came from an automotive family. Things were going great, his business was booming, then he received the death blow. Listen to how Capital City Towing not only survived but has succeeded in a big way.

Insurance Talk with Wichert Insurance

Season 2 | Episode 12

Why are rates increasing?

Towing insurance rates have increased drastically over the past few years even putting some companies out of business. Today more than ever it is important to have the best agent, the best coverage, and the best partners when it comes to insuring your business. If they don’t know towing, find someone who does. Wichert Insurance knows towing.

Safety..it’s everyone’s job

We all have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in the safest manner possible. As owners, we have a responsibility to provide our employees with safe equipment and provide policies that are both understood and practiced.

Towing Regulations & Invoice Auditors

Season 2 | Episode 10

Scary new proposed regulations in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts State Patrol has proposed some scary new regulations that could devastate the towers in that state. We also talk a bit about tow invoice auditors, who they are, whey they exist.

The Best Clips of Season 1

Season 2 | Episode 9

Listen to our best clips of season 1

Motor Clubs, Hiring and Retaining Employees, Towing Technology, Online Reputations, Equipment Purchasing, Insurance.

Questions & Answers From Listeners

Season 2 | Episode 8

You sent questions…we answered

We did this a little different this time. We recorded later at night at our homes for a more relaxed show and had a lot of fun with it. Several listeners provided great questions and Brad and I responded with our thoughts and opinions.

Miller Exclusive Warranties & Heavy Specs

Season 2 | Episode 7

Podcast recorded at Miller Industries

Some of our friends from Miller Industries join us for a great discussion recorded at the Miller Plant in Ooltewah, Tn. These Miller Specific Warranties are just one more reason that Miller is the world leader in towing equipment

Some Employees Get It, Some Don't

Season 2 | Episode 6

What does it take to get them all on board?

A tow operator’s job involves so much more than just driving and running the controls. There is a lot of technology used today from routing and dispatching, to sending invoices and taking electronic payments. Unfortunately, not all of them approach the latter with the same skill and attention to detail as when they are running your equipment. Why not? What can we as owners and managers do about it?

Specialty Tow Equipment: Axe Trailers

Season 2 | Episode 5

Specialty Equipment, DTUs, Skid-Steers & Trailers

We talk about all of the specialized equipment it now takes to stay on top in the towing business. The crew from Axe Trailers joins us on-site to discuss the importance of trailers in your towing operation and what makes them different from the rest of dealers out there.

How can the towing industry benefit from certification?

Can an industry-wide certification program help us improve our image, income, and wages? Let’s talk to Justin Cruze with WreckMaster and find out.

We talk with OOIDA at the 2019 Tow Summit in D.C.

Join the Tow Business Podcast at the 2019 Tow Summit in Washington D.C. Tom Tedford and Bill Giorgis join the discussion about recovery fees and upcoming legislation. OOIDA has become Enemy #1 to some in the towing industry but according to Mike, they’ve been blamed for some things they’ve had no hand in.

How are your employees paid?

Last week we got the name wrong of the Maine Towing Company who just won a big court case against an insurance company, Congratulations Statewide. Are you attending this year’s Tow Summit? Finally, we talk about employees and how they get paid.

Three perspectives on TRIP and RISC

Eff, Brad, and Sean Loscalso from Superior Towing in South Florida talk about some of the ups and downs of Quick Clearance Programs. Like it or not, one of these programs is coming to a city near you soon. We also have a quick interview with someone being referred to as a towing hero.

Season 1

Season 1 Podcast Teaser

Season 1 | Teaser

Welcome to the Tow Business Podcast

The New Tow Business Podcast debut’s February Third. You’re in the towing business but do you know your business?

FTS Bill Gorgis Interview Podcast

Season 1 | Episode 12

We interviewed Bill Giorgis at the Florida Tow Show

We interviewed Bill Girogis from Saginaw, Michigan at the 2019 Florida Tow Show. We discuss everything from OSHA regs to his state association and the benefits of becoming a member of The Michigan Towing Association.

Florida Show with Ron Myers

Season 1 | Episode 11

A talk with Ron Meyers at the Florida Show

Ron Meyers, owner of Pinetree Towing in Ohio joins us to talk about the benefits of joining your state tow association. If you are a serious tower it’s getting hard to survive without some help. Joining a state association is a great way to find that help. Legislative alerts, PPI rate increases, participating in your association is a great place to find some good information before it’s too late and you lose money. This was recorded at The Florida Tow Show in 2019

Steve Palmer TRAA - Tow Business Podcast

Season 1 | Episode 10

Extra Content: Talking with Steve Palmer with TRAA

This is from a discussion we had while at the Florida Tow Show in 2019. We discuss the benefits of joining your state and national associations as well as some motor club specific items. Steve is the head of the Motor Club Committee with TRAA. Steve can be reached at mccc@traaonline.com

Florida Tow Show with Clarissa Powell

Season 1 | Episode 9

Extra Content: Tow Show Interviews Clarissa Powell

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into a tow show? Clarissa from Tow Times is one of the people who can tell you. Listen to the live interview with her from this year’s Florida Tow Show interview that was recorded live in the pavilion.

Insurance Talk - Tow Business Podcast

Season 1 | Episode 8

Insurance, the subject most towers dread

There is one day a year that each tow company owner dreads and that is the day they renew their insurance policy. We discuss how it’s gotten to this ugly place and what we can all do to help control both personal and industry-wide costs.

What do people see about your company when they search for towing?

Do you have a web presence? Is it a positive web presence? Are you using a system to gather reviews? Do you respond to your reviews? If you answered no to any of the above you’ve got a lot to learn. Luckily Tow Business Podcast has you covered. Thanks to Miller Industries we have some great giveaways for whoever sends us the craziest, most interesting, or funniest tow company review. Send your entries to info@towbusinesspodcast.com

2 guests discuss equipment purchasing & financing

Dillon Swaim from Blackburn Truck Equipment in Lilburn, Ga and Mike Haney from Ascentium Capital join us to provide some great information regarding equipment choices and financing. Both will be at the Florida Show this week so please stop by to see them and mention you heard them on the show.

Towing & Technology Podcast

Season 1 | Episode 5

Towing & Technology with JD from Tracker Management

We spend forty-five minutes talking about technology and how it has helped transform our industry by helping us grasp the large amounts of data required to manage efficiently. JD from Tracker Management explains the origins of the technology as well as where he sees it heading in the future. Are you still using pen and paper? You may change your mind after listening to this episode.

Recruiting & Training Part II

Season 1 | Episode 4

Recruiting & training quality employees part II

We ended up cutting so much content out of our Recruiting and Retaining episode that Part 2 pretty much made itself. There is a lot of good info for employees hidden between the lines. Do you want to move up in your company listen to what the owners are looking for.

Recruiting & Training Part I

Season 1 | Episode 3

Recruiting and retaining quality employees

We’ve all heard about the driver shortage in the Transportation Industry but it gets even worse when those drivers need a very specialized toolbox full of skills like a Tow Operator. We discuss the national job boards like Indeed and Tow Recruiter as well as what we ourselves have found to work well. Are you looking to replace employees who have left or are you looking because of growth? You better know the difference. When was the last time you weren’t looking for that next A player? 

Slow Down Move Over - Bonus Episode

Season 1 | Episode 2.5

A special episode about roadside safety

Please listen and share this bonus episode about slow down move over on your social media pages and with family and friends. The key to the law’s success is education. People don’t know how to save lives unless we teach them. Please like and share. Five-star reviews on whatever you listen to podcasts on would also help.

Motor Clubs with Rex Dunn

Season 1 | Episode 2

Special guest Rex Dunn joins the Tow Business Podcast

Talking about Motor Clubs and an Interview With Rex Dunn from Rex A. Dunn Consulting and Towzing. Rates, free miles, GOAs and billing. Everyone complains about the clubs but are they really as bad as some say? AAA, Agero, NSD, and now Honk, Urgently, and Towzing are here to mix things up for the standard club models. See what former Motor Club executive Rex Dunn has to say.

2019 Tow Business Podcast Debut

Season 1 | Episode 1

2019 Tow Business Podcast Official Debut

Tow Business Podcast is centered around the towing & recovery industry. It features news, industry insiders and upcoming events. This episode is the show debut and gives the rundown of what the show will be about, who it involves and what it hopes to accomplish for our industry. The hosts, Jeff & Brad come from two very different paths into towing and both bring their unique perspective to what current industry issues are and where they are going. This season is brought to you by Tracker & trackermanagement.com, Tracker, where towing meets technology.

Tow Business Podcast Introduction

Season 1 | Episode 0

Introduction to the Tow Business Podcast

This is the introduction to season one of Tow Business Podcast. We’re going to be discussing tow shows, towing shows, slow down move over and how to run your towing business better. No matter if you run a Century 1075, an NRC Slider, or an integrated Jerr-Dan, this show is for you.

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